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Step-by-Step Guide to Model Release Form on OnlyFans

The OnlyFans Model Release Form is a crucial legal document that provides consent for the publication of media content featuring a model. It serves two main purposes:

  1. Consent Confirmation: The form confirms that the model has given their consent to be involved in the content that is being filmed or photographed. This ensures that all parties are aware and have agreed to the content’s use.
  2. Age Verification: OnlyFans uses the model release form to verify that the model featured in the content is at least 18 years old. This compliance is necessary to adhere to legal obligations and the platform’s Terms of Service.

OnlyFans requires either a model release form or account verification to ensure that all content on the platform meets legal standards. There are two ways to satisfy these requirements:

  1. Verified OnlyFans Account: If your collaborator has a verified OnlyFans account, you can tag their account in any posts featuring them. OnlyFans will automatically verify their consent through this tagging process.
  2. Signed Model Release Form: If your collaborator does not have a verified OnlyFans account, you must obtain a signed model release form from them and submit it to OnlyFans for review.

The easiest and most straightforward method is to have your collaborator join OnlyFans and get verified. However, if that’s not possible, understanding and using model release forms is essential.

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The Importance of Model Release Forms on OnlyFans

Model release forms are vital for protecting both creators and the OnlyFans platform. Here’s why these forms are essential from both a legal and practical perspective:

  1. Legal Protection: A model release form ensures that all parties involved have given explicit consent for the use of their image and likeness in the content. This consent is crucial to prevent legal disputes over unauthorized use of someone’s image. It also provides a clear record that the model is of legal age, which is essential for compliance with international laws governing adult content.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights: The form helps establish the ownership and usage rights of the content. This is important for creators who want to protect their intellectual property and ensure that their content is not used without permission. It clarifies the terms under which the content can be distributed and monetized.
  3. Platform Compliance: OnlyFans requires model release forms to maintain the integrity and legality of the platform. By ensuring that all content meets legal standards, OnlyFans can protect itself from potential legal issues and maintain a safe environment for both creators and subscribers.
  4. Trust and Transparency: Using model release forms fosters trust and transparency between creators and collaborators. It ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the use of the content, preventing misunderstandings and potential conflicts.

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When and Why You Need a Model Release Form on OnlyFans

A model release form is essential in various scenarios on OnlyFans, particularly when collaborating with other creators or featuring guests. Here are specific instances when you need a model release form:

  1. Collaborations with Other Creators: Whenever you collaborate with another creator, it’s crucial to have a model release form. This document ensures that all parties involved have given explicit consent for the use of their images and likenesses. For more tips on collaborations, check out our OnlyFans collaborations guide.
  2. Featuring Guests: If you’re including friends, partners, or any other individuals in your content, you need a model release form. This form protects both you and the featured guests by clearly outlining the terms under which the content can be used.
  3. User-Generated Content: If you incorporate content sent to you by fans or subscribers, you need to ensure that everyone featured in the content has signed a release form. This helps avoid any legal issues related to the unauthorized use of images.
  4. Content Verification: OnlyFans requires proof that all individuals appearing in your content are over 18 years old. A model release form provides this verification, ensuring that your content complies with OnlyFans’ legal obligations and terms of service.

OnlyFans requires model release forms to:

  • Protect creator and model legal rights: Ensuring that all involved parties have given consent and are aware of the content’s use.
  • Verify model age and consent: Confirm that all models are at least 18 years old and have agreed to participate.
  • Comply with 2257 record-keeping laws: Meeting federal requirements for maintaining records of all individuals involved in the creation of adult content.
  • Avoid content featuring unverified models: Preventing issues related to the unauthorized or underage use of individuals in content.

Essentially, the release form proves to OnlyFans that you obtained legal consent to distribute content featuring other models. This protects you legally and provides assurance to OnlyFans that the content does not violate any laws.

Some key legal reasons why OnlyFans requires model release forms:

  • Confirms model consented to the content creation: Ensuring all parties are willingly participating.
  • Allows age verification of all models (18+ requirement): Preventing the involvement of underage individuals.
  • Complies with federal record-keeping laws: Adhering to legal standards for documentation and verification.
  • Avoids issues like revenge porn or privacy lawsuits: Protecting against unauthorized use of images and potential legal actions.
  • Protects OnlyFans from illegal content moderation issues: Ensuring the platform remains compliant with all relevant regulations.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing and Filling Out the OnlyFans Model Release Form

Accessing and filling out the OnlyFans Model Release Form is straightforward if you follow these steps. This guide will help you navigate the process easily and ensure all necessary information is included.

Where to Find the Release Form on OnlyFans:

  1. Log in to Your OnlyFans Account: Start by logging into your OnlyFans account using your credentials.
  2. Access the Release Forms Section: In the main menu, click on “More” and then select “Release Forms” from the dropdown options.
  3. Create a Release Form: Choose the option “Create release form by link.” This will allow you to generate a unique link for your models to access the form.
  4. Enter Model Details: You’ll need to enter the number of models featured in your content and their performer names. This ensures that each model is individually verified.
  5. Generate the Link: Once you’ve entered the required details, OnlyFans will generate a unique link. Share this link with your models.
  6. Model Verification: Models will use this link to verify themselves. They must upload a selfie with their ID to confirm their identity and age.
  7. Tag Verified Models: After the models have completed their verification, you can tag them in your posts. This process ensures that OnlyFans recognizes the consent and age verification of all featured individuals.

Third-Party Options:

If you prefer using a third-party service, there are several options tailored for OnlyFans:

  • Model Releaser: An app specifically designed to create and manage model release forms for OnlyFans.
  • APA (American Photographic Artists): Offers a generic model release form in PDF format suitable for photographers.
  • ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers): Provides model release forms written by top lawyers.
  • Getty Images: Known for high-quality model release forms used by professional photographers.

Using OnlyFans’ built-in form is the simplest and most straightforward method. It ensures compliance with their content rules and simplifies the verification process.

Filling Out the OnlyFans Model Release Form:

  1. Model Information: Ensure each model includes their full legal name, stage name (if applicable), and contact information.
  2. Consent Details: The form will require models to explicitly state their consent to be featured in your content.
  3. ID Verification: Models must upload a selfie with their government-issued ID to verify their age and identity.
  4. Signatures: Both you (the content creator) and the models need to sign the form to finalize the agreement.

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Verification Processes Related to Model Release Forms

Verifying co-creators on OnlyFans is crucial to ensure compliance with legal standards and platform policies. Here’s how the verification process works and why it’s important:

  1. Tagging and Verifying Co-Stars: When you collaborate with other creators, it’s essential to tag them in your posts. If your co-creator has a verified OnlyFans account, tagging them allows OnlyFans to automatically verify their identity and consent. This process ensures that all participants are properly documented and meet the platform’s requirements.
  2. Submitting a Model Release Form: If your co-creator does not have a verified OnlyFans account, you need to submit a completed and signed model release form. This form includes the model’s legal information and a selfie with their ID for age verification.
  3. Review and Approval Timeline: After submitting the release form, OnlyFans typically takes 3-7 days to review and verify it. You will receive an email notification once the form is approved. To avoid delays, ensure that all documents are clear and legible.
  4. Planning Ahead: Given the verification process can take up to a week, it’s essential to obtain and submit the release form well in advance of your intended publication date. This foresight helps you maintain a consistent posting schedule without unnecessary delays.

For more information on the verification process and how to get started, check out our guide on how to get verified on OnlyFans.

Consequences of Not Using a Model Release Form on OnlyFans

Failing to use a model release form when collaborating with others on OnlyFans can lead to serious consequences. Here are some potential risks and penalties:

  1. Post Flagging and Restrictions: If you post content featuring an unverified model without the necessary consent forms, OnlyFans will likely flag or restrict the post. You may receive an email from OnlyFans Support requesting you submit the proper release documentation within 48 hours.
  2. Post Removal: If you do not provide the required documentation within the specified time, OnlyFans will remove the post featuring the unverified model. This action is taken to ensure that all content on the platform complies with legal and community guidelines.
  3. Account Suspension: Repeated violations of OnlyFans’ policies regarding model release forms can lead to more severe penalties, including account suspension. This means you could lose access to your account and the ability to monetize your content.
  4. Legal Issues: Beyond platform penalties, not using a model release form can expose you to legal issues. Collaborators might claim unauthorized use of their image or likeness, leading to potential lawsuits or legal disputes.

To avoid these risks and penalties, always obtain and submit model release forms before posting content with collaborators. For more tips on maintaining a secure and compliant OnlyFans account, check out our guide on how to stay safe.

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FAQs on Model Release Forms on OnlyFans

How do I get a signed release form for OnlyFans?

You can access the OnlyFans model release form directly through your account. Log in and navigate to the “More” section, then select “Release Forms.” Generate a link and share it with your collaborator, who will verify their identity by uploading a selfie with their ID after signing. Third-party apps or stock photo sites also offer model release forms that can be tailored for OnlyFans.

Can OnlyFans creators see who signed up?

No, OnlyFans is designed to protect subscriber privacy. Creators cannot see any specific information about who has signed up for their account. This ensures that the subscriber experience is completely anonymous, providing a layer of confidentiality and security for users.

Does a release form expire?

OnlyFans release forms do not have an expiration date. The consent granted by the model is considered ongoing, meaning it applies to all future content featuring the same model. This allows for continuous use without needing to renew the form.

Can I reuse a release form with the same model?

Yes, you can reuse the same release form for a specific model indefinitely for future content. New forms are only required for new models or collaborators. This simplifies the process and ensures that you remain compliant with OnlyFans’ policies.

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