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Celebrities Embracing OnlyFans: The Rise of Exclusive Content Sharing

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in how content creators interact with their audiences online. OnlyFans, a platform that allows creators to directly earn money from their followers, has played a major role in this transformation. Initially popular among adult content creators, OnlyFans has now caught the attention of mainstream celebrities who are eager to connect more intimately with their fans.

Traditionally, famous individuals maintained a certain distance from their fans, relying on traditional media and social media platforms for communication. However, OnlyFans has changed this dynamic by providing celebrities with a fresh way to share exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and personal stories, allowing them to build stronger connections with their fanbase.

While OnlyFans initially gained fame for its association with adult content creators, it is now becoming popular among mainstream celebrities as well. This has sparked significant interest and debates among people who are concerned about the potential impact of celebrity involvement on the platform’s original community of creators.

In this article, we will delve into this intriguing trend of mainstream celebrities joining OnlyFans and explore the reasons behind their decision. From popular music stars to Hollywood actors, an increasing number of famous personalities are turning to OnlyFans to offer their fans exclusive access to their lives and work.

Bella Thorne – Controversy and the Mainstream Crossover

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans in August 2020 and immediately made waves on the platform.The actress and singer famously earned $1million in her first 24 hours on OnlyFans, temporarily crashing the site.

Her account reportedly earned her a massive amount in just a few days, which led to changes in the platform’s payment policies. Bella initially promoted the content as explicit, leading many subscribers to pay a higher fee with expectations of adult content. However, when the content turned out to be less explicit than anticipated, it resulted in disappointment and backlash.

She currently allows users to subscribe to her account for free, but was previously reported to have already made over $11million on the site.

Much like others who run their own pages on the subscription service, Thorne originally charged fans for access to her content in tiers – $16 for 30 days, $51 for three months, or $102 for six months. 

She has also announced VIP packages, the exact details of which you need to message her to receive.

Though on messaging the star, you’re informed that only messages with additional tips hit the top of her inbox.

Bella Thorne’s experience on OnlyFans caused problems as it made people think about issues with famous people joining a platform known for adult type of content. This led to talks about the platform’s rules and how celebrities might affect the original content creators. Some creators felt Bella’s actions took away attention from their own work and hurt their earnings.

Tyga – Exploring New Avenues

Hip-hop artist Tyga is another celebrity who decided to leverage OnlyFans to engage with his fans on a more intimate level. He uses the platform to share exclusive music releases, behind-the-scenes footage of concerts, and even offers live-streamed performances. For Tyga, OnlyFans represents a way to explore new avenues for connecting with his fanbase and promoting his music directly.

Rapper Tyga has emerged as one of the male celebrities who achieved significant earnings through his presence on OnlyFans. When he joined the platform in September 2020, he tantalized his fans with the promise of engaging and entertaining content. Operating under his real name, Michael Ray Stevenson, Tyga didn’t shy away from sharing explicit material, quickly ascending to the fourth highest earner on OnlyFans.

For a subscription fee of $20 per month, users gained access to Tyga’s collection of explicit images and videos. His engagement on the platform extended beyond personal content; he even ventured into establishing his own OnlyFans enterprise named TooRaww, focusing on lifestyle and management.

However, a notable turn of events unfolded in August 2021. Tyga surprised many by announcing the deletion of his OnlyFans account, a decision fueled by his involvement in the launch of a rival platform, Myystar. This strategic move showcased Tyga’s entrepreneurial mindset and further fueled the evolving landscape of content-sharing platforms.

Bhad Bhabie, 18: Joined in April 2021 and earned over $1million in six hours

Shortly after turning 18, Danielle ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Bregoli swiftly entered the realm of OnlyFans, achieving a groundbreaking feat by raking in an astounding $1 million within her first six hours on the adult-content streaming platform.

In a testament to her financial triumphs, the star confidently asserts her newfound status as a multimillionaire, attributing her prosperous journey to a trifecta of sources: her thriving OnlyFans page, lucrative branding partnerships, and her influential impact across various social media platforms.

During her inaugural streaming session, Danielle’s baseline subscriptions, priced at $35 per month with the added incentive of a 50 percent discount for extended subscription periods, resulted in an impressive earnings total surpassing three-quarters of a million dollars. Adding to her substantial gains, she also garnered a commendable sum exceeding a quarter of a million dollars through tips via pay-per-view messages, along with an additional income of over $5,000 from tips on her posted content.

Celebrating her remarkable achievement with characteristic candor on Instagram, she boldly proclaimed, ‘Not bad for 6 hours. We absolutely shattered the OnlyFans record.’

Since this monumental start, her earnings from the subscription service have continued to escalate dramatically, a testament to her unwavering popularity and sustained engagement.

In a testament to the magnitude of her financial accomplishments, Danielle has confidently stated that the wealth she has amassed could well sustain her lifestyle for the entirety of her life. This statement underscores the profound impact of her rapid financial ascent within an incredibly short span of time.


The rise of celebrities on OnlyFans represents a shift in how public figures engage with their fans. By embracing this platform, celebrities have found a way to break down barriers and provide exclusive content directly to their most dedicated followers. However, this trend has also raised questions about the platform’s direction and the impact of mainstream celebrity involvement on its original community.

As OnlyFans continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how this blend of celebrity presence and content sharing will shape the platform’s future. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: OnlyFans has become a powerful tool for celebrities to forge more personal connections with their audience and build a personal brand, offering a glimpse into their lives like never before.


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